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About the Project (TrendyBee Animation Series

The TrendyBee animation series is an independent Series created by top artists and animators at Trendybee Studio, The idea was conceived by studying bees in their natural habitat and deciding to create a new show about 1555 bees living in the Ethereum blockchain

In each episode we see the lazy bee workers who don't want to work, they want to look cool, this drives the Queen crazy as she tries to get them back to work producing honey for the colony. Fun and adventure packed entertainment for the entire family

28th March, 2022

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Animated Series launch

  • 10%:

    Begin collaboration with other project to create value for the community:
  • 20%: TrendyBee Animated Mini Series

  • 60%:

    Season 1 launched on Youtube and major TV stations
  • 100%:

    1 million subscribers on youtube channel, TrendyBee movie launch